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Heart and Hands, Inspired by Nature

Welcome to N3 Pottery, located in the Green Mountains of Vermont.  N3 Pottery is the creation of Shannon Morrison, a part time potter and full time ecologist.  The functional pottery is hand carved sgraffito stoneware, designed  to please the hand and eye.  Enjoy!

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Sgraffito Carving

OMG! This is simply adorable!

Diane from California

Very pleased with this purchase! Beautiful pottery and fast shipping!

Sarah from Georgia

LOVE N3 mugs! This is my 4th and it does not disappoint.  Great quality, craftswomanship, and design.

Kate from Vermont

Can't say enough about these items, so very unique and awesome! Quality is perfect, and design stands out as something you don't see everywhere, very happy with my purchases.  Thanks!

Jessica in Wisconsin

A perfect, beautiful, wonderfully crafted piece of functional ceramic art.  Shannon is a pleasure to work with.

Edith from Virginia